Market Place Restaurant & Bar

Our Story

Welcome to the world of Market Place Restaurant & Bar, where every dish has a story.

Our Mission

Inspired by the vibrance of Christchurch’s culinary landscape, Market Place Restaurant & Bar invites you to embark on a culinary journey, where every dish tells a story of passion, skill and dedication.        

Our menus are a celebration of vibrant flavours, meticulously crafted to let the finest local ingredients take centre stage. This commitment to sourcing local produce ensures that every dish tells a story of Christchurch’s culinary heritage while offering a modern twist. We take pride in providing an unparalleled dining experience, where food enthusiasts can explore a world of tastes, textures, and aromas leaving them inspired.

It’s a dining experience that celebrates both tradition and innovation.

Meet Chef Ritvik

With a culinary journey spanning over two decades, Executive Chef Ritvik Saini brings a wealth of experience and a profound passion for food to the table. Ritvik’s mother inspired his passion for food from an early age, having taught him that cooking is an art infused with love. This belief has guided him through numerous hotel kitchens, well-known restaurants in Christchurch, and large entertainment venues. 

Ritvik’s current mission centres around championing Canterbury sourced ingredients and establishing connections with locally acclaimed artisans and suppliers. His unwavering commitment to these principles not only defines his culinary approach, but also allows the Market Place Restaurant & Bar team to showcase and pay homage to the finest offerings of Christchurch. 

Excited to continue fueling his passion, Ritvik reveals “coming to work every day and being able to create dishes that bring people together and make them happy… well, there’s no better feeling than that.”

Commitment & Community

Dedicated to sustainability, we forge partnerships with Canterbury farmers and artisans, consciously fostering the growth of our local community.

Akaroa Salmon

A family operated seafood producer renowned for its premium, sustainably farmed King salmon. Prized for its exceptional flavours and quality, it’s a seafood delicacy - and we can see (and taste) why.

Canter Valley

A respected poultry producer specialising in premium, ethically raised duck and turkey products. Known for their quality and sustainable practices, they offer exquisite options for our menu.

Wairiri Buffalo

Home to Italian Water Buffalo and dedicated people committed to sustainable and symbiotic living with the land. Recognised for their artisanal buffalo milk and cheese products, high quality living is their priority - and it shows.

Bellbird Bakery

A small artisanal bakery known for crafting delectable, handcrafted pastries and bread. Their dedication to quality ingredients and traditional techniques shines through in their delightful creations.

Grizzly Baked Goods

Relentless in the kitchen, Grizzly is a unique bakery that specialises in crafting hearty, rustic bread and pastries. They are known for their inventive flavours and experimenting with new techniques to provide an incomparable experience.

Robinsons Bay Olives

As a key ingredient in our dishes, we’ve sourced the best - a boutique olive grove in the picturesque Akaroa Harbour. Robinsons Bay Olives produce high-quality, hand-picked olives and olive products, celebrated for their exceptional taste and artisanal craftsmanship, being awarded the title of “New Zealand’s Best” for their Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


A reputable meat supplier, offering a wide range of premium cuts and products. Their commitment to quality and sourcing from local farms sets them apart.

Angus Meats

As a family run business, having now operated for more than 40 years, Angus Meats is a respected meat supplier known for its premium Angus beef and quality meat products. Their dedication to excellence in sourcing and processing ensures exceptional dining experiences.

Garden City Produce

Family owned and operated, Garden City Produce is a trusted supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables, serving the community with a wide selection of high-quality, locally sourced produce for over 30 years.

Green Gold

Prioritizing sustainability and freshness, Green Gold is a reputable supplier of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. They offer a diverse range of high-quality produce that we are proud to use in so many of our dishes.

Theo’s Fisheries

With four generations of family currently working on its original site, Theo’s Fisheries is a renowned seafood provider known for its fresh catches and a wide selection of premium seafood products. Appreciated by us (and you), they offer quality and variety to seafood enthusiasts.

Cassels Brewing Co

A well-established craft brewery celebrated for its innovative and flavourful beer creations. They offer a diverse range of craft brews so good that we had to include them in some of our dishes.